5 Pillars

Our diets provide our bodies with the basic building blocks that it needs to survive, function ultimately flourish. Without a nutrient rich diet our bodies will begin to struggle to maintain roles within the body and this will start to manifest in our skin, hair, energy levels, mental sleep, aches and pains within the body. Ayurveda explains the importance of changing your diet according to the seasons as well as the different phase of your life. A child has different requirements to a young adult, whilst a young adult has different needs to an elderly person. As transition the different phases within our lives, within the year it is important that we learn to our diets accordingly. This will ensure that we are nourished and full of vitality.

If our bodies are in a state of imbalance then by understanding the properties of different foods can adapt our diet to support us in our healing process. Whether using nutritional science Ayurveda the diet place a valuable role in helping achieve our optimal state of wellness.

Learning how to cook our meals, combine our foods and even use kitchen spices and herbs medicinally can be invaluable tools on our journey of wellness. Whilst nutrient deficiencies can replenished with supplements, evidence still suggests that food is the optimal source for a range nutrients.

In today’s society so much of our time is spent sitting, whether we are travelling, working or studying most of us spend a number of hours inactive. This lack of movement has an effect on our energy expenditure, our muscle strength and also on our mental health. By incorporating healthy movement within our lifestyles we can benefit in a number of ways. Exercise helps us to sleep better, make better food choices, expels toxins within our bodies, improves circulation, clears the mind and helps to rebalance our bodies. Ayurveda goes even further and explains different exercises and movements to suit different body types and for different health conditions. Using the science of Yoga I am able to guide clients on therapeutic movement to help them rebalance and strengthen their minds and body.

Mental health is the fastest growing health condition across the globe. From depression, anxiety in adults to ADHD, Autism and a number of other conditions in young children. Having a strong healthy mind is essential to having optimal health. By understanding the mind, body connection and supporting the mind with healthy physical habits we can help the mind become stronger, clearer and focused. Research on the role of the gut brain axis is continually growing as the awareness of how our digestive system can play a vital role in our mental health. This is supported in the ayurvedic texts which explains how to not only support but to promote positive mental health with a host of herbs, foods and meditative practices which can help to improve ones mind.

Researching continues to emerge on the importance of sleep in sustaining a healthy life. One of the pillars that is probably the most neglected in our modern world where sleep is considered for the lazy, the non-achiever, the inactive human. Many people work night shifts or travel from time zone to time zone. Sleeping well contributes to better physical health and mental health. During the night our bodies rejeuvenate and clear our toxins from the day, it helps to store memory from short term to long term, it is also a time that our body recharges ready for the next day. It is therefore important that one establishes healthy sleep hygiene and a sleep ritual which encourages refreshing sleep to help support them on their wellness journey.

Unless we learn to incorporate the key pillars within our lives as positive habits, they will simply not last. By understanding the importance behind them, by taking ownership on our health and by prioritising ourselves we can learn to implement the changes. In order to ensure the changes develop into habits we work close together to ensure that each pillar is well established, that you are well equipped with the information and tools that you require and that you are able to implement the changes that are suggested. Positive habits whether they are thoughts or actions are vital to leading a healthy life.

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