When I met the Consultant last month, he was all smiles and told me that there had been a change - for the better - he informed me that the spot on my lung had shrunk by around 2 mm, which is a significant amount! I asked him if this happened often and he said it did not and was extremely rare. I asked how this could have happened and he said they honestly did not know. So, dear Anuja, I must thank you from my heart for all you have done to contribute to this happy outcome - I do not know how it happened but I cannot help but feel that all your advice and guidance and also my practice of Qi Gong, which I would not have come to had you not pointed me in the direction of Triyoga, have played an essential part in this. When I went to see the Consultant for the result of the latest scan, I was actually going to tell him I wanted to go ahead and have the operation to remove the nodule and be done with it as I was feeling uncomfortable about the possibility of cancer growing inside me, no matter how small and also did not want to continue having scans with all their radiation.

Astrid Sweetnam

Over the years I have seen countless Dr’s and therapists for Ulcerative Colitis, Fatigue and Migraines all to no avail. I was fortunate to meet Anuja at Sukarma who was able to diagnose the root cause of my problem. Her knowledge and expertise is vast matched by the enormous passion she has for helping people. In Anuja’s expert hands my health has improved no end and I cannot recommend her enough!

Usha Krishna

Anuja's knowledge is unrivaled. I've been seeing her for years now to help with various concerns. She has such a friendly approach and makes you feel completely comfortable discussing anything you bring. With her help I live much more mindfully using the science of Ayurveda and understand myself better. I’m able to make healthy choices that are right for me and apply this way of living for my family. Combining body and mind for a truly holistic look at your health, I recommend Anuja to everyone for everything and anything! Thank you so much for your care, support and all the guidance.

Becci Murtagh

I have had fantastic experiences with Anuja which have really benefited my health. Anuja is passionate about functional medicine, ayurveda and the philosophy that prevention is better than cure, and combined with her knowledge of science it makes her a brilliant practitioner. She has helped me with digestion problems and fatigue, and also with conception. She has always shown empathy and thoroughness, and looks at the whole picture - diet, lifestyle, mental health, exercise and spirituality. Her approach is to educate the client, so I am now armed with the knowledge of how to recognise when my body is getting out of balance and what to do about it, way before it gets to the point where I need to go for a check up. I feel much more informed and in control of my own health, and the knowledge I've gained has helped me help my family too.

Arti Kakkad
Milton Keynes

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